Grace Life Institute

The Grace Life Institute exists to form mature disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing in their knowledge and love for God, who take ownership of Grace Life Church’s ministries and mission, and who are committed to helping others follow Christ. Through our flagship Theology Training Program and core ministry skills cohorts, we seek to instill a commitment to Scripture, a better grasp of the biblical storyline, a solid foundation in Christian doctrine, and an increasing ability to connect theology to one’s life, worship, and mission.

In partnership with Spurgeon College at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, participants also have the option to take our Theology Training Program and our Biblical Exposition and Ecclesiology Cohorts for tuition-free credit toward a degree program via the “Seminary Track” option for each course of study. Email for more details.

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Theology Training Program

Applying Christian Doctrine to Life

The Theology Training Program consists of three courses: Christian Belief: Systematic Theology, Christian Story: Biblical Theology, and Christian Formation: Practical Theology. Together these courses provide a space for more in-depth study, discipleship, and theological formation than our Life classes. It also demands more of participants through required readings, short reflective writing assignments, and attendance at monthly live seminars. Offered annually each spring semester (Jan-Dec).

Biblical Exposition Cohort:

From Text to Teaching

The Biblical Exposition Cohort (BEC) is an accessible dynamic introduction to Word-driven discipleship. It aims to provide those who are interested in the teaching ministries of the church a course of study to equip them with practical skills and principles to more effectively study and communicate biblical teaching for the purpose of helping others apply Scripture to life. The BEC has customized training pathways for both men and women. Offered annually each spring semester (Jan-May).

Ecclesiology Cohort:

The Life and Mission of the Church

The Ecclesiology Cohort is an accessible dynamic introduction to the doctrine of the church and the life of its members. It aims to expose participants to how God’s Word shapes and orders God’s household thus equipping them with a greater knowledge of and love for His church. Available on a continuous basis. 

Biblical Counseling:

Offering Gospel Hope to Those in Need

This online course in Biblical Counseling is an accessible introduction to the personal, deliberate, discipleship ministry of God’s people. It aims to provide a pathway to equip participants with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to offer wise counsel in the grace and truth of Jesus Christ relying upon the authority and sufficiency of God’s Word through the work of the Holy Spirit to effect heart change in fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This course meets the requirements for the training portion of Phase 1 of certification with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). Available on a continuous basis.

Conflict Resolution:

Becoming Peacemakers

This online course in Conflict Resolution is an accessible introduction to how we, as Christians, can stop wishing for peace when conflict surfaces in our relationships and go make it instead. This course aims to help us, in the power and strength God provides, become the people who can make the peace we so deeply desire and see how it transforms our relationships. Available on a continuous basis.