Theology Training Program

We believe the primary location for theological education should be the local church.

At Grace Life Church, our Theology Training Program (TTP) aims to provide theological education in the life of the local church by exploring the major doctrines of the Christian faith, framed by the biblical story and applied to the Christian life. As a one-year discipleship program, the TTP is meant to offer a pathway for growing disciples to be equipped for ministry both in the church and the world.

The Theology Training Program consists of three courses: Christian Belief: Systematic Theology, Christian Story: Biblical Theology, and Christian Formation: Practical Theology. Together these courses provide a space for more in-depth study, discipleship, and theological formation than our quarterly Life classes. It also demands more of participants through required readings, short reflective writing assignments, and attendance at monthly live seminars.

The Theology Training Program is offered in a synchronous online format consisting of an online classroom and monthly live seminars. Recorded video lectures are aimed at equipping students with biblically based practical means for growing in Christlikeness through the exploration of particular doctrines and issues from core areas of systematic, biblical, and practical theology. Seminars are designed to provide an active learning environment. They consist of a variety of guided discussion and workshop-based experiences aimed at helping participants practically apply biblical teaching and theological reasoning to the Christian life. Seminar sessions will be led by GLC elders with many of the seminars including guest speakers from top evangelical seminaries from across the country who are experts in particular topics we’ll be covering in our live sessions. 

We realize the Theology Training Program is a big commitment, and we ask all participants to attend each monthly seminar and complete any work required outside of seminar time. Therefore, according to course syllabi, participants should expect to: 

  1. Purchase all four-course textbooks prior to beginning the TTP
  2. Read on average 25 pages per week from assigned textbooks
  3. Watch one to two, 30 to 45-minute video lectures per week via the online classroom prior to seminar attendance
  4. Attend and be actively engaged in all ten monthly, live seminars (there will be no seminar meetings in the months of July or December)
  5. Complete all written assignments by their due dates (*though not required, these assignments offer a great enrichment opportunity for those who choose to complete them)
  6. Use this training to better love, serve, and disciple those who call GLC home, and intentionally engage with and evangelize unbelievers

If you desire to know more about God through his Word, how His story informs your beliefs, and how to apply those beliefs to every sphere of your life, the Theology Training Program is for you. The TTP is designed for growing disciples of Christ who desire to be equipped for ministry and mission in whatever context God has placed them. The TTP  is designed with GLC members in mind and is particularly suited for current and aspiring ministry leaders and volunteers, but all men and women are encouraged to participate.

Most coursework is completed on your own according to individual course syllabi. Dates and times for live monthly seminar sessions can also be found in the individual course syllabi or in the cohort seminar schedule document available through the online classroom. 

  1. Online classroom:
    1. Access to video lectures for all three courses taught by Dr. Caleb Lenard, Equipping Pastor at Grace Life Church
    2. Access to course syllabi, class notes, assignment guidelines, and other helpful materials
  2. Textbooks
    1. Christian Theology: The Biblical Story and Our Faith by Christopher Morgan
    2. 40 Questions About Biblical Theology by Jason DeRouchie, Oren Martin, & Andrew Naselli
    3. Fruitful Theology: How the Life of the Mind Leads to the Life of the Soul by Ronni Kurtz
    4. How People Change by Timothy Lane & Paul David Tripp

There is no cost for the program, but participants are required to purchase their own books which totals about $125.

Some scholarships are available, so please do not let the cost keep you from participating in the program.

Enrollment for the 2023 TTP cohort is now closed. Open enrollment for the 2024 TTP cohort will begin November 1st on a first-come, first-served basis until all open slots are filled. Beginning November 1st, you may click the button below to register.