COVID-19 Update

An Update Regarding Grace Life Church’s Plan to Transition Back to In-Person Services

Greetings Grace Life Saints,

Last week Pastor Seth gave a brief overview of Grace Life Church’s tentative plan to begin holding Sunday Services starting May 17th. As a reminder, Grace Life Church will be taking the following precautions until further notice:

  • We are dividing the congregation into two groups (A & B) and will have those groups attend on alternating Sundays.
    ◦ Group A will attend the following Sundays: May 17th, May 31st, June 14th and June 28th
    ◦ Group B will attend the following Sundays: May 24th, June 7th, June 21st and July 5th
    ◦ The auditorium will have sections of seats marked off to ensure the necessary distance between families during the worship service.
    ◦ Please leave the back row in each section open for guests.
  • Guests are welcome! We have room for you to join us!
  • We will NOT have:
    ◦ Grace Life Kids for any ages
    ◦ the Future Worshippers’ Room set up
    ◦ coffee available
    ◦ a fellowship time before or after the service within the building
  • We will CONTINUE to:
    ◦ provide access to the Sunday worship services via a Facebook Livestream (as we had prior to the suspension of our physical gatherings)
    ◦ support families who would prefer to not attend physical services in order to take further precautions
    Additional Resources
  • You may find a copy of the Iowa Department of Public Health’s guidelines for resuming physical services here
  • We would commend this article to you as we all seek to pursue a grace-filled attitude towards our brothers and sisters who may have different convictions regarding resuming our Sunday gatherings
    Have questions regarding our Sunday gatherings? Please email them to Pastor Dave Caldwell.In Christ,
    Grace Life Church

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